Make 2020 the Year You Create a 
Healthy Home
(with the Healthy Home Planner)

healthy home planner

Your Home Is Hazardous to Your Health...

Did you many of the products we bring into our homes are filled with chemical ingredients that can be harmful to our health. That's right! Indoor air can be more harmful than outdoor air!

You've heard more and more studies that mention how chemicals in cleaning and skin care products can be harmful to your health, but you don't know which brands have harmful ingredients, or which brands you can trust.

You know there are things you can be doing to create a healthier home environment, but you don't know where to begin.  You don't have tons of time to do the research and it's all really overwhelming

You're ready to move forward and take intentional action! It's time to live your life free from toxic chemicals and make your home a healthier environment for the sake of you and your family's health.

The Healthy Home Planner will help you!
You'll notice the following benefits:

​Time Savings

You'll save time by following the practical tips outlined weekly in your planner.


You'll begin limiting the amount of toxins you're exposed to on a daily basis.


You'll learn about the items in your home which can contain harmful chemicals.

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"The Healthy Home Planner is like nothing out there..."

I don’t know where to start! This well organized, simple to use planner will help you kick start your healthy home goals but will also keep you motivated to maintain a healthy home. From monthly cleaning reminders, to motivational quotes, to action items, this Healthy Home Planner has it all.

There are so many little nuggets of information scattered throughout this beautifully designed planner which makes it a valuable learning tool as well. If you want to create cleaner indoor air, a chemical free living environment, and a home that is mold and bacteria free, then you need to get your hands on this unique planner. Did I mention that it is super functional as a daily, weekly, and monthly planner too?

- Jennifer (​

"The Healthy Home Planner helps you achieve your goals..."

Making changes at home can be fun while benefiting you and your families health. I believe following the recommendations in the Healthy Home Planner, taking it one day at a time, will help you achieve these goals. 

- Carol 

Take a Look inside the Healthy Home Planner 

"See for yourself how the Planner will make your life easier!"

Planner Features:

Weekly and Monthly Calendars

The Healthy Home Planner includes calendars with areas for your to-do's and goals, gratitude journal and meal planning along with tips for which rooms to focus on in your home.

The weekly calendars also include a Did-You-Know section which provides helpful information about why you want to remove and replace an item in your home.

Healthy Home  Checklists

Keep track of weekly and seasonal cleaning tasks all within a couple of pages. Checklists split out by season and weekly cleaning suggestions make cleaning more manageable.


Ever wonder which plastic containers are safe and which ones shouldn't be used? The Plastic Codes list will make it easy to figure out. 

Shopping for new items? Use the Labels reference sheet to help you look for the product symbols which will ultimately help you make a better purchase.

The Planner also includes other recommended websites.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Do you like to make your own household items? The Healthy Home Planner provides you an area to keep all of your DIY recipes in one place. 

The Planner also provides label pages which can be cut out for your DIY products.


Hi! I'm Teresa


I know what it's like to be busy, and to feel like life is out of control. I have felt that overwhelmed feeling when I knew I had to make changes in my home, but didn't know where to begin.

I know what it's like to do the research and make needed changes to reduce the amount of toxins in my home. That's why the Healthy Home Planner was born. I wanted to help you have a healthy home by doing easy, actionable steps incorporated into your daily life.

I'm excited for you! The Healthy Home Planner is life-changing.

Teresa Jungling Living Natural Today and

What's Inside the Planner?

  • check-circle
    Monthly and Weekly Calendars for 2020 
  • check-circle
    Motivational Quotes
  • check-circle
    Cleaning Checklists
  • check-circle
    Resource Pages 
  • check-circle
    Goal Trackers (not included in pdf version)
  • check-circle
    Gratitude Log
  • check-circle
    DIY Labels
  • check-circle
    Areas for Meal Plan and Grocery Lists

Planner Specifications

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    Binding: Black Spiral bound 
  • check-circle
    # of pages: 153 double-sided
  • check-circle
    Size: 8.50 x 11"
  • check-circle
    Paper weight: 80# coated with glossy cover 

Are You Ready to Make Your Home Healthier in 2020?

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Want to download a pdf of the planner (135 pages) instead of purchasing a hard copy?
Purchase the Healthy Home Planner PDF for $19.95.

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